29 Nov

Theosetta Translations

Contrast Between Scientific and Theological Research

The tremendous advances of modern scientific research have taken advantage of methods that build upon its discoveries of the past.  In contrast, modern theological research has been hampered in building upon its past discoveries over millennia due to much of this material being recorded in a relatively dead language known to only a few in our modern world.  This is where Theosetta Translations seeks to be of service.

Mission of Theosetta Translations

Theosetta Translations first identifies unique theological works that best serve as a sort of Rosetta Stone to bridge our modern world to the theological discoveries of the past.  These works are then translated from Latin, the universal language of the past, into English, the universal language of our day.

Synopsis Criticorum: Work of Rosetta Stone Caliber

One such theological work of ultimate Rosetta Stone caliber is the life’s work of Matthew Poole: the Synopsis Criticorum.  The Synopsis links our world into the vast libraries of the past millennia with a breadth of scholarship that is truly staggering.  The Synopsis tracks the history of interpretation of every verse of the Bible and contains an encyclopedic depth of all the various  views, regardless of their affiliation, surveying a millennial span.

Past Millennia Contributing to Our Modern Age

With the Synopsis, one is left without doubt with respect to the possible views toward a particular scripture passage, so it provides a tremendous expansion of our understanding. With the translation of the Synopsis, lack of access to past theological understanding can be remedied so that we in this modern age will once again benefit from the theological scholarship produced over the vast span of millennia.

Translation Details

The translation work is being done by Dr. Steven Dilday.  As each small, sectional unit is translated, it is included as a new blog post, for ready access to all.  When book-length portions are completed, they are published in book form sold at nominal cost.  Further details can be found on this website.

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Study the Scripture with Matthew Poole

If there is to be another Reformation of the doctrine and practice of the Church, and a spiritual revival in the hearts of God’s people, there must first be an increase in Biblical knowledge, the means by which these things are accomplished.  It is our hope and prayer that many Christians, longing for Reformation, revival, and greater intimacy with the Lord Jesus, will join us in the study of the Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, with the learned Matthew Poole as our guide through the history of interpretation.  (The reader should be able to keep up with only a little reading each day.) For those considering taking up this reading program, we commend three brief posts:  “Reading Difficult Books”, “Why Study the History of Interpretation?”, and “Getting the Most out of Poole”.


Supporting the Project

For those interested in seeing a quality, English edition of Poole’s Synopsis in print as quickly as possible, there are several things that you can do to support the project.

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2.  You can contribute substantially to the final product through editorial work.  If you find typographical or other errors in the text, post your observations so that corrections can be made.  Also, research questions are frequently posted with the translations; if you have any insight, post it.

3.  Please consider making a financial contribution so that the translator, freed from other labors, might spend more time in the translation work.  [See the “Support the Project” button in the right sidebar.]

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