A New Line of Booklets: The Best of Matthew Poole

Front Cover


In the late-seventeenth century, the Puritan divine and Biblical scholar, Matthew Poole, compiled his massive and masterly Synopsis Criticorum (Synopsis of Biblical Interpreters), a verse-by-verse history of interpretation, drawing together the exegetical wealth of the Jewish Rabbis, early Church Fathers, Medieval Schoolmen, and Reformation-era exegetes (Roman Catholic, Lutheran, and Reformed).  His thought:  To set the most important interpreters and interpretive positions side-by-side, for the help of the student of God’s Word.  His achievement:  The ascended Christ promised to provide faithful teachers for His Church in all ages (Ephesians 4:11-13); the Synopsis is a record of their testimony concerning the right reading of Holy Scripture.

These Exegetical Studies in Poole’s Synopsis are intended to capture some of the sweetest, most informative and edifying sections in a readily accessible format.  Filled with content wonderful and rare, it is hoped that these booklets will whet the appetite of the people of God for the Word of God, rousing them to ever greater exertions in Biblical studies.  This extract is taken from the very first paragraph of Poole’s Synopsis; it is stunningly rich in theological substance, and, if understood, intensely motivating with respect to the in-depth study of the Sacred Canon.  Christianity is the only true and saving Religion, and it is learned, not from the vain reasonings and imaginings of men, but from the Scriptures of truth. John 5:39:  “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.”

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