Argument of the Book of Joshua

It is not material to know who was the penman of this book, whether Joshua, as seems most probable from Joshua 24:26, or some other holy prophet. It is sufficient that this book was a part of the Holy Scriptures, or oracles of God, committed to and carefully kept by the Jews, and by them faithfully delivered to us, as appears by the concurring testimony of Christ and his apostles, who owned and approved of the same Holy Scriptures which the church of the Jews did. But this is certain, that divers passages in this book were put into it after Joshua’s death, as Joshua 10:13, compared with 2 Samuel 1:18; Joshua 19:47, compared with Judges 18:1; and Joshua 24:29, 30. And such like insertions have been observed in the five books of Moses.

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  1. An important reminder from Poole: Given Christ’s affirmation of the Old Testament Canon, our inability to answer questions of authorship, date, setting, and compositional history need not shake our confidence in the Canonical Authority of these precious books of Scripture.

    –Dr. Dilday

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