Open Letter to the Proponents of the Third Reformation

To those who long for a Third Reformation,


I appeal to you for assistance.

During my doctoral studies, I was surprised to discover that a significant portion of our Reformed heritage, exegetical and doctrinal, had not made its way into the English language, but yet remains locked up in Latin tomes.  In former generations, this was not as problematic, inasmuch as pastors regularly learned Latin as part of their general education; but this is no longer the case, and the loss is significant.

With this problem in view, a handful of years ago I began a translation of Matthew Poole’s Synopsis Criticorum (1669-1676).  To say that it is five volumes hardly does it justice; it is seventy-five pounds of Bible Commentary, a verse-by-verse history of interpretation, and summary of Reformed exegesis up to Poole’s day.  Although each of the works summarized by Poole deserves its own translation (the work of many hands), the translation of Poole seemed like an economical way to reintroduce the history of Reformed exegesis to the English-speaking world.

Just this year I began a translation of Bernardinus de Moor’s Commentarius (1761-1778), a massive, seven volume Systematic Theology, summarizing the nearly three centuries of Reformed theology preceding him.  Again, although most of the great systems produced by the Continental Reformed have yet to be translated, de Moor’s work seemed like an economical way to present in summary fashion the fruits of the others.

Currently we are training other translators (a lengthy process), and endeavoring to raise funds for these and future projects:  the fourth volume of Turretin’s Opera (his disputations with Rome), Wendelin’s syllogistic theology, Johann Heinrich Heideggers’ covenantal theology, etc.

How you can help:

In former ages, when it was doubtful that book sales would recover the cost of labor and materials, publishers would raise subscriptions to fund such projects; and we are adopting this model.  Please prayerfully consider a donation of $30 per month for the funding of these projects.  With a minimum donation of $30 per month, we will send you three volumes per year (almost a thousand pages of translation), two volumes of Poole and one volume of de Moor.  Of course, this $30 per month is more than you would spend simply purchasing the volumes, but your contribution not only secures these works for your own personal reading, but also for the rest of the English-speaking church.

The first volume of Deuteronomy (covering chapters 1-18) of Matthew Poole’s Synopsis Criticorum will be available soon, and will be shipped to those who sign up for a subscription.  Samples of our current projects are available at:  &

If anyone has any questions please write to me at  The donation can be made through Paypal at  The books will be mailed to the address specified in the Paypal transaction.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this matter.


Yours in Christ’s Service,

Dr. Steven Dilday

Poole on Numbers, Now Available in a Digital Edition!

Poole’s Synopsis on Numbers is available, not only in print, but also in a digital edition.  It is our largest volume ever (more than 650 pages).

The Book of Numbers contains “the foundation of the Church and Commonwealth of the Israelites, while they walked and wandered in the wilderness”, and lays “before us the unchangeable love of God promised and exhibited to this people; the comely order established and observed among them; sundry examples of His horrible judgments againt obstinate sinners; the Fatherly chastisements and corrections of the faithful offending; and the dangerous plottings and devilish policies of the Church’s enemies”.  –William Attersoll, Numbers (1618)

“I beseech the theological collector not to let a fine copy of good old Matthew Poole’s ‘Synopsis Criticorum’…slip through his fingers without becoming master of it.”  –Dibdin’s ‘Lib. Comp.’, 52.

New Volume: Poole’s Defense of the Deity of the Spirit

At long last, thanks to the work of Michael Seal, the first volume in the “Literary Labors of the Reverend Matthew Poole” series is available.  Blasphemer Slaine with the Sword of the Spirit is Poole’s defense of the Deity of the Holy Spirit, written for the edification of the common man.

From the back cover:  “John Bidle’s “XII Arguments Drawn out of the Scripture; wherein the commonly Received Opinion, Touching the Deity of the Holy Spirit, Is clearly and fully Refuted” (1647) was answered by several Reformed theologians and scholars, both continental and British.  These responses were full, demonstrative, and clear; but they were written largely for academics.  It fell to a young parish minister, Matthew Poole, not yet thirty years of age, to provide a concise and popular response, for the edification of the common man.  Poole’s “Blasphemer Slaine with the Sword of the Spirit” remains one of the best popular defenses of the Deity of the Holy Spirit in the English language.”

The volume is available at

Soli Deo Gloria.

Supporting the Project

For those interested in seeing a quality, English edition of Poole’s Synopsis in print as quickly as possible, there are several things that you can do to support the project.

1.  If you are finding the translation helpful and edifying, please recommend it to your friends, and “like” it on Facebook.

2.  You can contribute substantially to the final product through editorial work.  If you find typographical or other errors in the text, post your observations so that corrections can be made.  Also, research questions are frequently posted with the translations; if you have any insight, post it.

3.  Please consider making a financial contribution so that the translator, freed from other labors, might spend more time in the translation work.  [See the “Support the Project” button in the right sidebar.]

4.  You can purchase already completed volumes at

Onward, for the glory of God, and the edification of Christ’s Church…