Exegetical Studies in Poole’s Synopsis: Genesis 3:1: Satan and the Serpent

Exegetical Studies in Poole's Synopsis:  Satan and the Serpent


In the late-seventeenth century, the Puritan divine and Biblical scholar, Matthew Poole, compiled his massive and masterly Synopsis Criticorum (Synopsis of Biblical Interpreters), a verse-by-verse history of interpretation, drawing together the exegetical wealth of the ages.  His thought:  To set the most important interpreters and interpretive positions side-by-side, for the help of the student of God’s Word.

These Exegetical Studies in Poole’s Synopsis are intended to capture some of the most informative and edifying sections in a readily accessible format.

The Serpent in the Garden of Eden has ever intrigued and captivated interpreters.  He himself has proven as enigmatic and elusive as his speech.  Questions abound and surround.  How is Satan related to the Serpent?  How is it that the Serpent speaks?  Why does Eve stay to speak with the Serpent?  In seeking answers to these questions, and others, Poole surveys the fascinating history of the interpretation of Genesis 3:1.

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