Exegetical Studies in Poole’s Synopsis: History of Early English Bible Translation


In the late-seventeenth century, the Puritan divine and Biblical scholar, Matthew Poole, compiled his massive and masterly Synopsis Criticorum, a verse-by verse history of interpretation, drawing together the exegetical wealth of the ages. His thought: To set the most important interpreters and interpretive positions side-by-side, for the help of the student of God’s Word.  His achievement:  The ascended Christ promised to provide faithful teachers for His Church in all ages; the Synopsis is a record of their testimony.

These Exegetical Studies in Poole’s Synopsis are intended to capture some of the sweetest, most informative and edifying sections in a readily accessible format.

This particular extract provides a history of early English Bible translation. God has blessed the English-speaking world with a noble translation, hardly rivaled in any age or language. Let the disciple give continual thanks, and show himself to be a disciple indeed, in the unwearied study of God’s oracles…in English!

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