1 thought on “Joshua 12 Outline

  1. Matthew Henry: ‘This chapter is a summary of Israel’s conquests. I. Their conquests under Moses, on the other side Jordan (for we now suppose ourselves in Canaan) eastward, which we had the history of, Numbers 21:24, etc. And here the abridgment of that history, verses 1-6. II. Their conquests under Joshua, on this side Jordan, westward. 1. The country they reduced, verses 7, 8. 2. The kings they subdued, thirty-one in all, verses 9-24. And this comes in here, not only as a conclusion of the history of the wars of Canaan (that we might at one view see what they had got), but as a preface to the history of the dividing of Canaan, that all that might be put together which they were not to make a distribution of.’

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