Joshua 15 Outline

The borders of the lot of Judah, 1-12. Among them Kirjath-arba, Caleb’s inheritance: he drives thence the three sons of Anak; promises to give his daughter in marriage to him who should smite Kirjath-sepher; which Othniel does, and obtains her: she requests of her father some land for a dowry; which he grants, 13-19. The cities of Judah, 20-62. The Jebusites could not be conquered by them, 63.

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  1. Matthew Henry: ‘Though the land was not completely conquered, yet being (as was said in the close of the foregoing chapter) at rest from war for the present, and their armies all drawn out of the field to a general rendezvous at Gilgal, there they began to divide the land, though the work was afterwards perfected at Shiloh, Joshua 18:1, etc. In this chapter we have the lot of the tribe of Judah, which in this, as in other things, had the precedency. I. The borders or bounds of the inheritance of Judah, verses 1-12. II. The particular assignment of Hebron and the country thereabout to Caleb and his family, verses 13-19. III. The names of the several cities that fell within Judah’s lot, verses 20-63.’

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