Joshua 19 Outline

The second lot falls to Simeon; his borders among the tribe of Judah, whose inheritance was too great for them, 1-9. The third lot falls to Zebulun, 10-16. The fourth to Issachar, 17-23. The fifth to Asher, 24-31. The sixth to Naphtali, 32-39. The seventh to Dan, 40-48. The children of Israel give an inheritance to Joshua, 49, 50. The division of the land finished, 51.

2 thoughts on “Joshua 19 Outline

  1. Matthew Henry: ‘In the description of the lots of Judah and Benjamin we have an account both of the borders that surrounded them and of the cities contained in them. In that of Ephraim and Manasseh we have the borders, but not the cities; in this chapter Simeon and Dan are described by their cities only, and not their borders, because they lay very much within Judah, especially the former; the rest have both their borders described and their cities names, especially frontiers. Here is, I. The lot of Simeon, verses 1-9. II. Of Zebulun, verses 10-16. III. Of Issachar, verses 17-23. IV. Of Asher, verses 24-31. V. Of Naphtali, verses 32-39. VI. Of Dan, verses 40-48. Lastly, The inheritance assigned to Joshua himself and his own family, verses 49-51.’

  2. Thomas Boston’s “Distinguishing Character of True Believers”: ‘Hebrews 4:3—For we which have believed do enter into rest…. A sweet experience declared: We do enter into rest. It is an experience of a spiritual and heavenly benefit; whereof Caleb and Joshua’s experience was the type, Joshua 19.’

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