2 thoughts on “Joshua 20 Outline

  1. Matthew Henry: ‘This short chapter is concerning the cities of refuge, which we often read of in the writings of Moses, but this is the last time that we find mention of them, for now that matter was thoroughly settled. Here is, I. The law God gave concerning them, verses 1-6. II. The people’s designation of the particular cities for that use, verses 7-9. And this remedial law was a figure of good things to come.’

  2. Robert Flockhart, “Autobiography”: ‘I still persevered in reading the Bible, in confessing my sins, and in praying to God. I was like Noah’s dove, I could “find no rest for the sole of my foot” [Genesis 8:9]. Or like the manslayer fleeing to the “city of refuge” [Joshua 21], with the “avenger of blood” [Joshua 20] at his heels. Or, like Lot among the Sodomites, when he went out to persuade his sons-in-law to flee from the guilty city; or rather, when he went out to expostulate with his abandoned and accursed fellowcitizens when they had encompassed his dwelling, I was surrounded with the blackguards of hell, when the “Lord put forth his hand, and pulled me in” [Genesis 19:10]. On one occasion the sergeant came to me at a critical moment, and asked me to accompany him to a quiet place to sing a hymn, and to engage in prayer. We sung the fourth and fifth verses of the 32d Psalm of Watt’s collection,—

    “Whilst I my inward guilt suppress’d,
    No quiet could I find;
    Thy wrath lay burning in my breast,
    And rack’d my tortured mind.

    Then I confess’d my troubled thoughts,
    My secret sins reveal’d;
    Thy pard’ning grace forgave my faults,
    Thy grace my pardon seal’d.”

    Whilst singing the last verse, I said in my heart, “I have done all this—I have confessed my sins” [1 Samuel 12:20; 1 John 1:9]; then a thought came into my mind, quick as lightning—I must let all my doings fall to the ground. When I was enabled to do that, I felt that I deserved nothing but hell, and fully expected that it would be my portion. Then the Lord, the Spirit, stretched out his hand and brought me in by Christ the door.’

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