Joshua 5 Outline

The Amorites and Canaanites hear of this, and are afraid, 1. The males born in the wilderness are circumcised, 2-9. The passover is celebrated, 10. They eat of the corn of the land, and the manna ceaseth, 11, 12. Christ appeareth to Joshua in form of a man of war; he worships him; the place of his presence holy ground, 13-15.

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  1. We are on our way to Joshua’s encounter with Jesus Christ, the Captain of the Lord’s Host! How happy we are to see Him face-to-face!

    Richard Daniels’ “Christology of John Owen”: “One further example is that of the appearance of the ‘Prince of the Lord’s host’ to Joshua, in Joshua 5. The strength and significance of Owen’s argument becomes clearer if his words are quoted in full:

    ‘And this was another illustrious manifestation of the Son of God unto the church of old, accompanied with many instructive circumstances: as,—(1.) From the shape wherein he appeared, namely, that of a man, as a pledge of his future incarnation. (2.) From the title that he assumes to himself, “The Captain of the Lord’s host,” he unto whom the guidance and conduct of them unto rest, not only temporal but eternal, was committed; whence the apostle, in allusion unto this place and title, calls him “The Captain of our salvation,” Hebrews 2:10. And, (3.) The person unto whom he spake when he gave himself this title was the captain of the people at that time; teaching both him and them that there was another, supreme Captain of their eternal deliverance. (4.) From the time and place of his appearance, which was upon the first entrance of the people into Canaan, and the first opposition which therein they met withal; so engaging his presence with his church in all things which oppose them in their way unto eternal rest. (5.) From the adoration and worship which Joshua gave unto him; which he accepted of, contrary to the duty and practice of created angels, Revelations 19:10; 22:8, 9. (6.) From the prescription of the ceremonies expressing religious reverence, “Put off thy shoe;” with the reason annexed, “For the place whereon thou standest …,” “it is holiness,”—made so by the presence of God: the like precept whereunto was given to Moses by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Exodus 3:5.’

    Owen’s summary conclusion of this appearance to Joshua is a concise expression of his general assessment of them all: ‘By all these things was the church instructed in the person, nature, and office, of the Son of God, even in the mystery of his eternal distinct subsistence in the Deity, his future incarnation and condescension unto the office of being the Head and Saviour of his church.”

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