Joshua 6 Outline

Jericho is shut up by the Israelites, 1. The people and seven priests with the ark go round it six days, 2-14. On the seventh day they go round seven times; the priests blow the trumpets; the people shout; the city accursed; nothing to be taken, but all consecrated; the walls fall down; men, women, and cattle destroyed, 15-21. Rahab and her kindred are saved, 22-25. Joshua curseth the man who should rebuild Jericho, 26.

2 thoughts on “Joshua 6 Outline

  1. John Brown of Haddington, “Systematic Theology”: “Nothing which is approved in Scripture is contrary to the Law of nature…. As the Midianites, Canaanites, and Amalekites had, by their adulteries, idolatries, and murders, forfeited their lives and substance, into the hands of his justice, God had full right to appoint whom he pleased to deprive them thereof: and it was very proper to appoint the Israelites to do it, in order to deter them from the commission of such crimes, Numbers 25; 31; Deuteronomy 7; Leviticus 18; 20; Joshua 6-12; Numbers 21; Judges 4; Exodus 17; 1 Samuel 15.”

  2. Ralph Erskine, Sermon on Proverbs 30:12: “This purity is evidenced by a conscientious and diligent use of the means of purity. The Lord works out, and carries on this work of sanctification; makes it go on by the means which he hath appointed us to use; and when we use his appointed means, though the effect do not presently and discernibly follow and appear, yet we may conclude that the work is going on. Even as when the children of Israel were compassing the walls of Jericho seven days, and seven times upon the seventh day: some of them might possibly be disposed to say, What means our compassing the walls: they do not fall by our compassing them, or using this mean? However, every compassing of the walls was a bringing down of the walls, though they fell not till after the seventh times compassing on the seventh day, Joshua 6. Even so, the diligent use of means, in the way that the Lord hath appointed, is our indispensable duty; for, though it is not always evident that the means hath any success, for bringing down the walls and high towers of sin, yet every compassing of the walls, at God’s command, is a sign the work is going on; and at last the walls shall fall flat to the ground.”

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