Joshua 9 Outline

The kings of Canaan hear of Joshua’s exploits; consult together, and conclude to fight against Israel, 1, 2. The Gibeonites, feigning themselves to be of a far country, obtain a league, 3-15. The craft is discovered; the promise which was confirmed with an oath remains firm, 16-20. But for a punishment they are condemned to perpetual slavery, 21-27.

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  1. Matthew Henry: “Here is in this chapter, I. The impolite confederacy of the kings of Canaan against Israel, verses 1, 2. II. The polite confederacy of the inhabitants of Gibeon with Israel, 1. How it was subtly proposed and petitioned for by the Gibeonites pretending to come from a far country, verses 3-13. 2. How it was unwarily consented to by Joshua and the Israelites, to the disgust of the congregation when the fraud was discovered, verses 14-18. 3. How the matter was adjusted to the satisfaction of all sides, by giving these Gibeonites their lives because they had covenanted with them, yet depriving them of their liberties because the covenant was not fairly obtained, verses 19-27.”

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