Judges 1 Outline

The tribe of Judah, by God’s command, begin to make war against the Canaanites, 1-4. Adoni-bezek justly requited. They take Jerusalem, 8; and Hebron. Anak’s sons slain, 9, 10. Othniel subdueth Debir, and so obtaineth Caleb’s daughter to wife, 11-15. The Kenites dwell in Judah, 16. Simeon subdueth Zephath, 17; and Judah divers cities of the Philistines, 18-20. The Jebusites dwell with Benjamin, 21. They of the house of Joseph subdue Beth-el, 22-26. Manasseh, Ephraim, Zebulun, Asher, Naphtali, Dan drive not out the Canaanites; for which they are vexed by them, and are left to dwell one among another, 27-36.

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  1. Matthew Henry: ‘This chapter gives us a particular account what sort of progress the several tribes of Israel made in the reducing of Canaan after the death of Joshua. He did (as we say) break the neck of that great work, and put it into such a posture that they might easily have perfected it in due time, if they had not been wanting to themselves; what they did in order hereunto, and wherein they came short, we are told. I. The united tribes of Judah and Simeon did bravely. 1. God appointed Judah to begin, verses 1, 2. 2. Judah took Simeon to act in conjunction with him, verse 3. 3. They succeeded in their enterprises against Bezek (verses 4-7), Jerusalem (verse 8), Hebron and Debir (verses 9-15), Hormah, Gaza, and other places (verses 17-19). 4. Yet where there were chariots of iron their hearts failed them, verse 19. Mention is made of the Kenites settling among them, verse 16. II. The other tribes, in comparison with these, acted a cowardly part. 1. Benjamin failed, verse 21. 2. The house of Joseph did well against Bethel (verse 22-26), but in other places did not improve their advantages, nor Manasseh (verse 27, 28), nor Ephraim, verse 29. 3. Zebulun spared the Canaanites, verse 30. 4. Asher truckled worse than any of them to the Canaanites, verse 31, 32. 5. Naphtali was kept out of the full possession of several of his cities, verse 33. 6. Dan was straitened by the Amorites, verse 34. No account is given of Issachar, nor of the two tribes and a half on the other side Jordan.’

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