Rutherford Reading Group: Lex Rex

Interested in working your way through Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex?  Let’s do it together!

Given the current political context, climate, and crisis, it has never been more important for Christians to come to sound, Biblical notions concerning public and political matters.  We have endeavored to master some of the basics together.

In order to develop and mature in this regard, to go beyond the basics, some serious study of the best literature on the subject is going to be necessary.  And certainly Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex is among the best and most advanced works on Christian Political Theory.

However, Lex Rex is also famously difficult; so, I am proposing that we form a reading group, so that we might work our way through it together, as a community of disciples, with all of the mutual help and enrichment of thought that community-life affords.

Basic structure of the Reading Group:  Lex Rex is divided in forty-four questions.  If we handle a question roughly a question per week, we should finish in about a year.  I will set up and moderate a discussion board, so that we can discuss in writing the ideas presented; but we can also schedule live discussion time (through to work on the more difficult chapters (which will be most of them) together.  Let’s set a start date of January 8, 2018.

Currently, I am trying to gauge the interest in the reading group, so, if you are interested, please let me know right away (visit the page, and drop me an email at

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